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Since 1989, Coachwise has been publishing and supporting learning that has helped coaches and teachers enhance their knowledge and subsequent practice.

On this portal we're publishing fun, online courses for today's busy coaches and teachers - in partnership with UK Coaching, 1st4sport and UKAD

In turn, this project is helping us all to empower more people and organisations to inspire active communities.

Visit our website to find out more about our work and our beliefs. 

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How do you access our online courses?

If you want to enrol yourself, or one or two other people on a course, simply click the add to cart button on the relevant course page and make your payment.

Your dashboard will then appear. From here, you can launch the course and get started on your learning journey straight away.

Easy options for organisations

If you work in education or businesshere are your options for making our courses available to your people.

1 Invite people to enrol. Simply email us an official purchase order and we'll issue you with access codes and/or:

2 Purchase a licence from us to display our course/s for group learning. 

3 Host our courses on your internal learning platform. We issue licences to enable you to do this if your platform can host SCORM files. Alternatively, we can create a learning portal for your organisation if you have a large number of learners.

Discover attractive pricing plans for multiple enrolments or group usage on each course page.

Or, get in touch and our learning support advisors will explain the best option for you and your organisation. 

Remember, breaching copyright legislation and the terms of use by using a single log-in among multiple users or by displaying our courses to a group of people without a licence to do so is an offence.

So please be responsible and help us to remain a sustainable business so that we can continue to help you inspire active people. 

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